Custom Web Applications

Grow Your Business With Integrated Apps

To build a successful Web application for your online business we first acquire a thorough understanding of your financial and operational objectives by asking targeted questions and performing our own research. We begin with your existing databases and Web-based systems and then apply our extensive knowledge of Web service standards, such as UDDI, SOAP, XML and WSDL, to map the most efficient processes toward achieving your goals. This process provides a firm foundation for continuous integration with your customers, suppliers and third parties. It also ensures that your company has the necessary business process automation to remain competitive.

Cloud-Based Applications

Whether you need flexible access to information or a secure backup/disaster recovery protocol, the solution is in the cloud. Our custom cloud-based Web applications employ SugarCRM and Salesforce to keep data securely at your fingertips for social profiles, targeted marketing campaigns and specific customer needs.

Faster Page Loading

If people want to visit your site, they want to do it fast. Page-load speed is one of the major factors that makes the difference between website ‘stickiness’ and total abandonment. As we customize your website, we integrate service applications that allow pages to load faster, which results in a more natural flow that improves user experience and increases conversions.

Seamless Integration

Every product or service order your customers make requires as many as six behind-the-scenes internal and external processes. Our firm’s custom development is based on the latest service apps that allow departments to exchange information efficiently and ensure seamless transactions so you can be confident in your sales fulfillment process.

Powerful Dashboards

We use the leading customer relationship management (CRM) applications. The dashboards on these CRM tools consolidate important in-house and customer information into one convenient place and serve to enhance workflow management, customer interaction, business transactions and your bottom line.